Thanksgiving at Disney – Epcot

We were blessed with great weather our entire trip. And Saturday was extra sunny as we ventured over to Epcot. It was another late morning, so the kids took advantage of one more Animation Academy class before heading out. Highlights of Epcot include: Soarin'Living with the LandServeur Amusant Acrobat Show in the French Pavillion -… Continue reading Thanksgiving at Disney – Epcot

Thanksgiving at Disney – Magic Kingdom

I anticipated Magic Kingdom would be crazy busy, so I scheduled some down time for the morning. The DH and the kids hung out at the Big Blue Pool - Art of Animation's main pool and the largest pool on Disney property - while I attended another Animation Academy class. Check out my Goofy! After… Continue reading Thanksgiving at Disney – Magic Kingdom

Thanksgiving at Disney – Hollywood Studios

Just like yesterday, we were one bus late for opening Hollywood Studios. We were on a mission to get Stinky signed up for Jedi Training since that's what he was most looking forward to for months! He secured a spot in the afternoon, and for nearly the entire day, I was the coolest mom ever!!… Continue reading Thanksgiving at Disney – Hollywood Studios

Thanksgiving at Disney – Animal Kingdom

Had we gotten out of the hotel room 5 minutes earlier, we would have made the first bus out and opened Animal Kingdom park. Still, we arrived bright and early, ready to tackle the day. There were so many highlights to this day: Watching the kids' reaction as they explored Pandora in the morning AND… Continue reading Thanksgiving at Disney – Animal Kingdom

Thanksgiving at Disney – Resort Hopping

Exhausted, but excited, we were ready to check in to our Disney resort and do a little resort hopping. Disney's Art of Animation Resort Disney's Art of Animation Resort is my favorite value resort at Disney. It features "storybook landscapes seen in such classics as Finding Nemo, Cars, The Lion King, and The Little Mermaid."… Continue reading Thanksgiving at Disney – Resort Hopping

Thanksgiving at Disney – Disney Springs

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We spent last week at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL and its taken me this long to recover and work on a blog post. LOL! If you've been reading my blog long enough, then you know there is nothing traditional about our Thanksgiving. As transplants, Thanksgiving celebrations are something the DH… Continue reading Thanksgiving at Disney – Disney Springs