Summer Bucket List 2019 – Update

Remember my Summer Bucket List? I thought I’d check in and let you know how its going.

1. Major beach/pool time

The kids spent a month in Nassau with my parents this summer and went swimming and snorkeling regularly. On our Hilton Head Island Vacation (more in this later), we swam in a very gray and unusually warm Atlantic Ocean. Last month in Orlando, the kids could not get enough of the pool and slide and Hilton Grand Vacations Las Palmeras – more on the resort in another post.

Hilton Head’s Atlantic Coast

2. Participate in the local Library’s Summer Reading Program

Stinky and Blinky each came second in their age group and got to enjoy a winner’s party at the local gym.

3. Visit Someplace New

Our romantic weekend in Boston was divine! Read about it here, here, and here.

Also on our family vacation to Hilton Head Island we visited the Disappearing Island which was uber cool!

4. Watch the 4th July Fireworks

We enjoyed the show at Harborside Marina on Hilton Head Island.

5. Go to an outdoor concert or movie.

Just last night we went to Ballet and the Beasts hosted by the Mann Wildlife Museum and Montgomery Zoo. Not quite a concert or a movie but I think an outdoor ballet counts!

6. 🚫 Plan a picnic and feed the ducks.

This is a mom fail. We talked about it but never quite made it.

7. 🚫 Go on a nature hike.

Same reason as #6.

8. Play more card and board games.

This summer, we discovered Tripoli. There are three rounds: Hearts, Poker, and Rummy. It was easy to learn, and moves quickly. Just what I look for in board games. Ha!

9. Put out hummingbird feeders.

We have two hummingbirds who visit the feeder daily. The new vessels work great and deters wasps and ants.

10. Meal a meal from our garden.

Not quite a fail. I was able to supplement meals but didn’t have enough to make a complete one.

11. Plan our Thanksgiving trip.

Washington D.C. here we come!!

12. Go to a swim meet.

We actually went to several. Stinky made it to State in Auburn and performed quite well for a newbie. He started swimming competitively in January and in seven months made it to state in three events. Ultimately he didn’t place but swam his little heart out, finished midway all around, and maintained the best attitude. He can be very intense and overly emotional, so we were extra incredibly proud of him!

13. Work on arts and crafts projects with the kids.

The only crafternoon we enjoyed was spent making Harry Potter wands from pencils, hot glue, and paint. Stinky and Blinky enjoyed it a lot and I hope to have more crafternoons with them while they’re still interested.

14. Clean and organize the garage. After pictures to come!

We’re halfway there so I’m claiming it!! This is what it used to look like:

15. Expand front flower bed. After pictures to come!

This was no easy feat in the Alabama sun. All I need now is a border.

16. Stargaze

🚫 On our list. See excuse for #6 and 7.

17. Run through sprinklers.

Sprinklers + dish soap + trampoline = major Mom win!!

18. Go for a bike ride.

Done. And with a side of electric scooters!

19. Deliver a home-cooked meal to an elderly friend.

On Sunday, Blinky and I are going to visit an elderly friend who just had a heart cath. We’re substituting a home-cooked meal for low-sodium canned soup and apple juice for obvious reasons.

20. Have a family movie night.

I introduced the kids and the DH to the cult classic Hocus Pocus and it was a major hit!!

21. Donate to an animal shelter.

We substituted animal shelter for World Central Kitchen after the devastating hurricane Dorian ripped through the Northern Bahamas. It was the right thing to do.

22. Visit Sno Dash

Yes! More of this!! Though our favorite ice cream parlor is now competing with a new-to-our-town, old-fashioned ice cream truck that occasionally visits our neighborhood.

23. Try a new food.

We tried carambola (star fruit), cream soda, and ginger beer. All but Stinky enjoyed the Carambola. We all loved the cream soda, though I’m not sure I could drink and entire bottle. Only I enjoyed the ginger beer. Here’s Blinky’s take:

24. Stay in our pajamas all day.

This was the easiest task yet.

25. Belly flop on balloons in the trampoline.

Though there were water balloons on the trampoline on multiple occasions, no one actually belly flopped on them. Instead, there were several water balloon fights, one of which ended with the DH dumping a bucket of water on Grammy. It was all in good fun! She was hoarding balloons for Stinky and this was payback. All things considered, I’m claiming this one too!

Unfortunately we weren’t able to do everything I had planned. But we added so much more like visiting Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening weekend, attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom, picking pears with Grammy, intentionally walking home (or a good attempt to) from the University, hosting a Lemonade Stand, a birthday sleepover, outings with friends, Stinky’s confirmation, Six Flags, and one last romantic weekend in Atlanta. Our summer wasn’t perfect, but when Stinky and Blinky look back on it years from now, I hope they remember it was {mostly} fun, and Mom and Dad would do it all again in a heartbeat!

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