Dorian… and How You Can Help!

No doubt you’ve seen the destruction Hurricane Dorian inflicted upon the northern Bahamas. For days, we watched him crawl over the Abacos then stall over Grand Bahama. Growing up in Nassau, hurricanes meant days of preparation for a few hours of really bad weather. Now, they are catastrophic events with far-reaching consequences.

The following images have been taken from news sites sourced below:


Grand Bahama


With teary eyes and a broken heart, I watched live videos of my fellow Bahamians seeking rescue, loved ones posting the names of the missing, and more recently, positive stories of survival. Some of my own extended family members were missing for several days, one still is. As of 9/5/19, the death toll is 23.

Then stories began emerging of those offering help: locals riding jet skis assisting families stuck on rooftops, Long Island captains accepting supplies to boat to the disaster areas. Then assistance came from an international source. Celebrity Chef José Andrés and World Central Kitchen on the ground continuing to work tirelessly with Atlantis Resort and The Bahamas Red Cross to feed those in desperate need. Feeling helpless hundreds of miles away, the four of us were happy to donate.

Soon others joined in…Royal Caribbean, Baha Mar, Disney, Carnival, Norwegian, Sandals Foundation, Bahamian professional basketball player Buddy Hield, and so many more. It’s times like these that humans shine!

How can you help? Please consider World Central Kitchen where you know 100% of the aid will reach its intended recipients. If I can answer any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below or email me. We don’t often get the chance to shine. Don’t miss this one.

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