This month, Family Travel Adventures LLC celebrates five years. What a wild ride this has been! I am eternally grateful to Classic Travel Connection for the opportunity of a lifetime, and to all of you who entrust your precious vacations to me. Since my Four update, I've been blessed to visit a few new destinations… Continue reading Five

Long Weekend in Key West {Where to Eat}

Oh my goodness, has it really been a week since I promised this post? No worries, it's worth the wait! If you love seafood, you'll enjoy dining in Key West immensely! I'm going to break down our favorites, many of which we ate at multiple times over our long weekend! Don't blink, or you'll miss… Continue reading Long Weekend in Key West {Where to Eat}

Long Weekend in Key West {What to Do}

Key West is such a fun little city to explore. Most of the major attractions are close together, so it makes for a perfect weekend getaway. Though the area is very touristy, Key West still maintains some of its historic charm. Instagrammable Spots US1 Mile Marker 0 At the corner of Fleming and Whitehead Street is… Continue reading Long Weekend in Key West {What to Do}

5 Days in Seattle {Where to Stay}

For our adult getaway, we stayed at The Westin Seattle. This iconic hotel features twin circular towers bridged by the common areas at the base. It is ideally located in the downtown area, within walking distance of many of the major attractions. With Seattle being one of the most walkable cities in the country, location… Continue reading 5 Days in Seattle {Where to Stay}

My Top 5 US Destinations for 2021

If you're reeling from COVID fatigue, desperate for a road trip of epic proportions, then today's post is for you. I'm focusing on active, family-friendly destinations in the Continental USA. So grab your favorite cup of joe and let's begin exploring! 5. Breckenridge, CO It's no surprise that I'm receiving a lot more requests for… Continue reading My Top 5 US Destinations for 2021