Will Cruising Return In 2021?

Today I’m sharing the final installment of my 3-part February email newsletter, answering all of your travel questions. Be sure to catch up on Parts 1 and 2, How Caribbean Resorts are Reacting to the Testing Requirements and Islands That Don’t Require Testing to Return Home, respectively.

Now, on to my thoughts on the return of cruising in 2021.

But first, let me introduce you to boutique yacht cruising. These small passenger ships cater to approximately 150 guests, and one of their most popular routes is sailing the French Polynesian archipelago. When cruising does return, I expect a huge uptick in demand for this type of cruise.

Q. Do you think cruises will happen in 2021?

A. The cruising industry is actively working on a plan that will satisfy the powers to be to safely return to cruising. I think it is possible with modifications, including substantially reduced capacity, required vaccines, and bubble excursions run by the cruise line. And if they do away with self-serve buffets, I’m not mad at them! But that’s a separate newsletter for another day!

Q. Would you be comfortable cruising in 2021?

A. It depends on the cruise line. There are some I’d go on tomorrow! If this newsletter ever finds itself in the inbox of the right person at Ama Waterways, I volunteer as tribute for a test cruise!

European River Cruising is another area that I expect will see an increase in demand. Again, small-capacity ships are key.

Q. Is this the end of megaship cruising?

A. I really hope not. Cruising is one of my favorite ways to travel with extended family. It’s convenient, all-inclusive, and we get to see multiple destinations on one trip. That said, I think it will be a very long time before the megaships are sailing with 5,000 passengers on board again. 

Small-capacity river cruise options also include Russia, Egypt, Asia, and the Mighty Mississippi.

Will you be ready to sail when cruising resumes? I know I will!

Major cruise lines are now booking into 2022 and beyond, making this the perfect time for locking in early-saver rates. I’m happy to assist you with a quote now, or wait patiently until you’re ready.

4/9/2021 Update

To date, the CDC has not approved cruising from US ports. The Cruise Lines International Association, with the support of the travel industry at large, is actively working on a plan to safely return to cruising.

As I predicted in February, several lines are already mandating vaccines. I’ll go one step further and say I think mandatory vaccines will extend beyond cruising in time. Let’s revisit this in a year.

Since publishing this in February, several of the major cruise lines have announced summer itineraries originating in the Caribbean. Norwegian Cruise Line has ambitiously announced sailings from Greece in May for Americans. If these sailings are successful, they will no doubt become to precedent for modern day cruising. Certainly there will be kinks to iron out, but these are positive steps forward and I can’t help but feel excited!

How Caribbean Resorts Are Reacting To The Testing Requirements / Islands That Don’t Require Testing to Return Home / Will Cruising Return in 2021?

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