Islands That Don’t Require Testing To Return Home

Again, I’m sharing my 3-part email series from my February newsletter. Part One addressed How Caribbean Resorts are Reacting to the Testing Requirements. Let’s dive in to Part Two, which focuses on islands that don’t require a test to return home.

But first, check out the sunset at this St. Thomas resort. How often have you seen cotton candy colored clouds?

Q. I read Part One from begging to end, but I still don’t feel comfortable having to test to re-enter the states?

A. I get it! But guess what… you have options! Currently, the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii are domestic destinations which do not require a negative COVID test.

Q. Are there any all-inclusives in these destinations?

A. There are no true all-inclusives in the US. However, we can look at villas with a fully-equipped kitchen, or resorts with add-on meal plans if that would make you more comfortable.

Do you know on which Hawaiian island you can hike the Diamond Head Crater for panoramic views?

Q. Are excursions up and running in these destinations?

A. Many are, with restrictions. For example, a boat tour may be capped at 50% capacity. Luckily you work with an incredibly awesome travel advisor who keeps abreast of these details to keep you informed.

Q. Will you recommend and book our excursions?

A. Absolutely! After taking into account your preferences, I’ll provide a list of recommended excursions for you to review. Once you decide, I’ll take care of all of the details.

Just a short boat ride from the Puerto Rico mainland is the world’s brightest bioluminescent bay.

I hope I have provided you with valuable information you can use in determining whether or not to book that vacation. The final installment hits your inbox soon.

This newsletter was sent on 2/26/2021. The information provided above is accurate as of today’s date. This is subject to change at any time.

How Caribbean Resorts Are Reacting To The Testing Requirements / Islands That Don’t Require Testing to Return Home / Will Cruising Return in 2021?

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