Holiday Gift Ideas for the Frequent Traveler

I confess I’m not a fan of shopping. Too many choices give me major anxiety. So I find gift-giving guides are super helpful this time of year. Here, I’ve complied a list of practical holiday gift ideas for the frequent traveler.

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Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes are a great way to sort and organize items in your suitcase. An added benefit is that they help reduce wrinkles by restricting movement. If you upgrade to ones that are waterproof, they will keep your items dry, even if your suitcase gets wet. This is an affordable option that’s super cute too!

Travel Wallet

Perfect for holding multiple passports, travel documents, credit cards, etc., this travel wallet is perfect for solo or family trips. The RFID-blocking layer provides an additional layer of protection against identity theft. Pretty and functional.

Jewelry Roll

If bling is your thing, then you understand how frustrating tangled necklaces and scratched costume jewelry are when they don’t travel well. This jewelry roll is exactly what you need. Add a monogram for a little personalization.

Mask Necklaces

Tired of walking back to your car because you forgot your mask? No, just me?! Mask necklaces like these and these are fashionable choices that help you keep track of your masks.

Portable Charger

Between providing support for traveling clients and being on the go myself, fully charged devices are a top priority. I always travel with a portable charger with dual USB ports to recharge my cell phone, iPad, and laptop. This one is streamlined enough to fit in your purse or laptop bag.

Cable Management Organizer

There’s nothing worse than digging in an unorganized backpack to locate the right charging cable. With this cable management organizer, everything has a place.

Travel Backpack

A slim backpack like this one is ideal as a carry-on, and can be used instead of a purse while traveling. With a dedicated, padded laptop pocket, and multiple zippered compartments, you can keep your belongings organized and within easy reach.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Don’t let a fussy baby or a chatty neighbor keep you up on that redeye flight. With these noise cancelling headphones, get ready to play The Quiet Game in 3…2…1.


Never is the adage you get what you pay for more true than with luggage. They take a beating. This is why I prefer hardcases like these to protect my items and any souvenirs I may purchase. It even comes with a tracking device in the event of lost luggage.

The Gift of Travel

What do you get the person who has everything? The gift of travel. Whether its a weekend getaway close to home, or a dream vacation when the time is right for you, the anticipation of a future trip is one of the most exciting presents to receive. When you’re ready to travel again, I would be honored for the opportunity to work with you. My goal is to craft custom itineraries that maximize your time and interests, balanced with your budget. In a climate where destination protocols are constantly being updated, using a travel professional like myself is highly recommended.

I hope you find this guide helpful. Let me know which of these is your favorite. Have a favorite you don’t see listed? Feel free to drop a link in the comments below.

Happy Shopping!

As a full-service travel agent, I would love to be of assistance to you. I am passionate about what I do and pour that energy into crafting perfectly planned itineraries for you. Email to learn more.

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