Shhhh… don’t tell the kids we’re going on a Disney cruise!

My title gave it away, but I’m so excited I’m going to type it again… We’re going on a Disney cruise!!!

A few months ago, while researching Spring Break rates for a potential client, I came across a deal for a three-night cruise that was just too good to pass up. That it falls the week of Stinky’s 11th birthday is icing on the cake. He’ll think the surprise is entirely for him. I’ll get extra Mom credit and get to conduct “research” for one of my most favorite brands ever. Win, win!

Anyone who has ever cruised on Disney Cruise Line knows that the fun starts on land, prepping door decor. I scoured the Internet to find just the right designs. A lot of laminating sheets, and a large pack of magnet tape later, my design plan is complete. {Insert evil laugh here!!}

Creating the door magnets is actually a very simple process.

Supplies needed:

  • High-resolution images
  • Card stock paper
  • Good scissors
  • Laminating sheets (see below for my favorite brand)
  • Monogram stickers (optional)
  • Magnet tape (find at craft stores like Michael’s)


  1. Print images
  2. Laminate
  3. Cut out
  4. Add monogram stickers (with v1, I tried hand lettering; stickers are much easier)
  5. Add magnet strips to the back; they are self-adhesive so it could not be easier

I laid everything out on the kitchen floor to tweak and fuss and make sure everything is just right. When I asked the DH if we needed anything else, he just rolled his eyes and walked back out. That’s “yes” in husband language. Only time will tell. I’ve already seen a few more super cute designs that are crying out to be added to my stash.

As an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner and lover of all things Disney, I would be honored for the opportunity to plan your visit to The Most Magical Place on Earth! Email to learn more.

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