Royal Caribbean’s Adventure of the Seas Day 2 – Nassau and Formal Night

Nassau was a sort of bonus fourth port of call for us. Since half of our group were born and bred Bahamians, we divvied priorities and ended up splitting into two groups. I customized a sightseeing/snorkeling tour with my uncle taxi/tour guide so that my mother-in-law, for whom this was her first visit, could learn about the island, and the kids who were eager to swim in the ocean again would have the opportunity to do so. (Stinky fell in love with snorkeling after he and Blinky spent a month last summer in Nassau with my parents.) Accompanied by my parents, the group of five set off. But first, a family photo.

That left the DH, my brother and me. We walked (I seriously underestimated the walking distance) from the port to Bahamas Art and Handicrafts so that I could purchase locally made artwork I’d been eyeing online for months. I left with this painting of the Hope Town Lighthouse where my dad worked as the Lighthouse Keeper for many years. I spent many summers in that little white house on the left. Now, I can enjoy the view every day from my kitchen.

On the way back, we visited The Queen’s Staircase and Fort Fincastle. It’s been years since we last visited and I wanted to update my knowledge before recommending it to clients visiting Nassau later this month. It did not disappoint.

Commonly known as the “66 Steps” the staircase was carved out of limestone rock in 1793 by slaves to provide a quick escape for the colonial governors from downtown Nassau to the inner city. The steps were later renamed in honor of Queen Victoria. Fort Fincastle, also cut out of limestone in 1793, was designed to protect the city of Nassau during the days of piracy. The fort is home to the Water Tower built in 1928 to maintain water pressure on the island. There are stunning views of Nassau and Paradise Island from Fort Fincastle.

We were all thoroughly exhausted after checking back onto the ship. But there was little time to rest and Day 2 was also formal night. To say I was excited about my first formal night is an understatement. I felt like the kids were finally at a decent age to get through a short program where we would be introduced to the senior staff, have formal pictures made, and enjoy a nice meal in the main dining room, all in our Sunday best no less. I spent weeks deciding what to wear and finally settled on a LBD with a rosette detail on the bottom. I could not wait.

What I did not anticipate was that after a full day and a very late dinner reservation, being expected to sit down for a nice meal was just too much for Stinky. Let’s just say sitting through a four-course meal was not the magical experience I hoped for. On the bright side, the meal was delicious and Blinky used her best table manners which prevented dinner from being a total disaster!

After dinner, the DH and I attended the adult-only, late-night comedy show featuring Rondell Sheridan of That’s So Raven. He was insanely hysterical! His spiel on relationships and marriage had us literally falling out of our seats. We even got to meet him briefly after the show.

So ended day 2. Up next, Day 3, our first sea day where I answer the age old question, “What the heck do you do all day stuck on a boat in the middle of the ocean?”

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