Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day friends! If you or someone you love serves in the armed forced, thank you for your service.

I’ve read several posts recently about what an odd holiday Memorial Day is. This widow wrote about every day being Memorial Day for her family since losing her active-duty husband. But its particularly hard honoring his memory in between commercials about weekend sales, and BBQs. It is an odd pairing I never thought about before. Something to be mindful of in the future.

This Memorial Day, I’m returning home to SE Alabama, after spending the weekend with my Bahamian family. (The DH stayed behind to catch up on work.) Grammy and Grandpa graciously offered to keep Stinky and Blinky for a whole month! Now 8, and 10, the kids are a good age to spend major quality time with the grandparents in the islands.

Blinky has been super excited for weeks, but Stinky has anxiety being so far away from us for so long. It was not an easy decision to make. However, the DH and I think island living will do him a world of good after such a tumultuous school year. It will also give the DH and me an opportunity to recharge our batteries.

While in Nassau, Grammy, Grandpa, and Uncle spoiled us rotten. I had crab n’ rice, a Bahamian delicacy, for the first time in years!!! It’s not something my parents cook often but when they do… OMG YUM!!! While enamored with the live crabs, neither Stinky or Blinky would venture a taste. I didn’t encourage them too much as that meant more for me.

We went to the seaside a few times which is the kids’ favorite activity. Late one evening, we spied numerous sting rays in the water. One came close enough for me to snap this pic.

I was able to squeeze in a few visits with extended family which is always nice. One of the kids’ grand aunts extended an open invitation for the kids to swim in her pool. She has no idea what she’s in for. LOL!

And of course my favorite cousin and I got some quality time together. She is one of the few people who can lift me out of any funk. While she doesn’t have kids yet, she was able to help me find the humor in all of my parenting war stories. I’m sure the gin and coconut milk helped.

In an already jam-packed weekend, I managed to fit in two hotel site inspections: BahaMar and Riu. I’ll create a separate post reviewing each hotel. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

In a few hours, I’ll be home. I’m already missing my babies, but I am looking forward to rare adult time with the DH. We have a few incredible weekend trips planned and I can’t wait!

In closing, however you choose to spend Memorial Day, I wish you peace and comfort.

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