Spring Break in Nassau – Da Pig Beach

Last week for Spring Break, we set off to Grammy’s house for a week of sun, sand, and sea. Our first outing was to Da Pig Beach.

Tucked away in Adelaide Village on the western tip of New Providence is Da Pig Beach. Here you can spend the day on a private beach with water the most brilliant shades of blue and green. Amenities include kayaks, hammocks, swings, and a Bahamian lunch. Staff also played games with the guests like tug-o-war and karaokee.

But the highlight of the visit is interacting with the pigs that call this beach home.

At the appointed time, the pigs were released from their pen and stormed the beach to greet their eager guests. There were boars, sows, and piglets of all sizes. The handler taught us hand signals that the pigs understand mean I’m frightened and food. We fed them fruit, got to hold the medium-sized pigs (Sasha was our favorite), and take as many photos as our hearts desired.

Fresh tropical salad is available for purchase on the beach. And there is a cash bar on sight, which became the hangout after a morning of activities.

The staff was energetic, helpful, and were a big part of making the day a fantastic experience!

This is an excellent excursion for land and cruise visitors alike. You can purchase tickets for this excursion here. Other swim with the pigs encounters throughout the Bahamas include:

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More to come about our week-long adventure!

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