Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas Days 7 & 8 – Sea Days

There were still so many things we wanted to do on board Royal Caribbean’s Adventure of the Seas, we were looking forward to two sea days. First up, The Perfect Storm – three stories of twists and turns to the bottom of dual-racer slides Typhoon and Cyclone. This was by far Stinky and Blinky’s favorite, and was on repeat. If you squint just right, the blur coming down the slide is Stinky. The DH and I even joined in on the fun. Although the lines were crazy – you know because thousands of guests were stuck on a ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean – it moved quickly.

Not so with Flow Rider – the 40 ft surf simulator. The line looked as though it stretched on for miles. Because each rider got 3-5 minutes, it seemed to take forever.  Stinky and Blinky didn’t get to ride on Day 7 because their category (52″ boogie board) timed out. That was a huge bummer! They tried again on Day 8, lining up early enough to make sure they didn’t lose their opportunity again. After a nearly two-hour wait, they were all smiles. Both described it as extremely difficult, but fun. However, they preferred The Perfect Storm – no doubt due to the shorter lines.

Splashaway Bay, the mini waterpark on the pool deck, was another big hit. We’d often run into the rest of our group on the pool deck. My dad and MIL particularly enjoyed people watching, sipping on tropical drinks, and listening to the steel band. We usually made their table home base, so we can come and go as we liked, and the kids would know where to find us if they ever ventured out of the pool. (I borrowed this photo from RCL’s website. Of course IRL, the crowds were immense.)

Blinky ice skated again in Studio B. It was such a unique experience. She couldn’t wait to tell her school friends that she ice skated over the Caribbean Sea.

Stinky gave it a try but did not love it.

All eight of us enjoyed playing games (or just a little peace and quiet) in the library. Sudoku and cards were the most popular. The DH and I took a salsa dancing class. That was interesting! Bless his heart, the things we do for love. The Blue Lounge was also a nice quiet spot to unwind. And I had a footprint analysis done, which didn’t reveal anything I didn’t already know, but did confirm it may be time for insoles.

Royal Caribbean hosted a Farewell Show on the Promenade which was super cute. It featured the dancers, ice skaters, and cruise director staff.

And finally on the evening of Day 8, the adults went to see the Farewell Show; more singing and dancing routines that the DH had grown weary of. Stinky and Blinky went to Adventure Ocean for the last time where they got to personalize pillow cases which now live on their beds. We were all a little melancholy before bed knowing our cruise has ended.

We had a fantastic family Christmas on board Adventure of the Seas. Eight nights sailed by and we were never short of activities to do. The Royal Caribbean staff was friendly and helpful. The entire experience was an absolute joy!

If you have any questions about our trip, please feel free to leave a comment here or email me. I’m happy to answer your questions.

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