Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas Day 5 – St. Martin and Maho Beach

Aren’t you proud of my four posts in a row? I had every intention of keeping the momentum going for all eight days, but then life happened. Anyway, I’m back today with a recap of Day 5.

After a wonderful day in Puerto Rico, we woke up the next morning in St. Martin. It was absolutely glorious sipping coffee at breakfast, with the mountains in the backdrop. The DH and I joked that if we squinted just right, we could picture ourselves on a Viking River cruise waking up in a new European city every morning.

At 8:30, we had a city tour booked for the eight of us. We loaded into a coach bus where our guide took us through both the French and Dutch sides. We crossed over the world’s smallest international bridge, saw the famed Simpson Bay, and visited International Lookout Point which offered sweeping views of the island.

The tour concluded just before lunch. The DH and I said goodbye to the others and took a 20 minute taxi ride to Maho Beach for one of the DH’s bucket list experiences. We tried to talk Stinky into going with us, but he had his heart set on going souvenir shopping with Grammy.

Maho Beach is famous for bordering Princess Juliana International Airport. Tourists flock to the beach to see planes landing just feet over the heads, and hanging on the fence to feel the intense jet blast from outbound planes. It was almost comical watching taxis stop traffic to let passengers out to take pictures.

Over lunch, we saw the jet blast move toward tourists hanging on the fence. I’ll never forget the sight! Another time, we stood a safe distance away and still felt the heat and gust. It was only then that I fully understood how an unfortunate soul lost her life when she lost her grip in 2017.

We spent about three and a half hours on Maho Beach. This shot alone made it worth the wait:

The DH was dizzy with excitement when he heard that a 747 was scheduled to land. Sadly he was misinformed. Don’t feel too bad yet though… it turned out to be an Air France Airbus 330. What a thrill! We were so starstruck, we forgot to take a photo.

Another 20 minute taxi ride later, we were back on the ship. The DH and I went straight to dinner in the main dining room, then met up with everyone else in Windjammer buffet for second dessert. Yes, the food was that good! These were my favs! {Post about losing holiday weight coming soon!}

When we finally dragged ourselves from the table, the kids went to Adventure Ocean, the grandparents and my brother retired, and the DH and I went to see Chad Chessmark’s comedy show. Funny guy! It was crazy coincidental that the title of Chad’s new book happened to be about using IT to create the future.

That wrapped up another great day. Be sure to check back for a Day 6 St. Kitts and Mt. Liamuiga recap. There’s a little angst, a lot of excitement, and a mountain of mud. You don’t want to miss it!

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