Labor Day Weekend at Six Flags Over Georgia and White Water

Happy 40th birthday to me!!! Years ago, we started a family tradition of celebrating my 9/11 birthday over Labor Day weekend. And we almost always do so at a water park. This year, we purchased season passes to Six Flags Over Georgia and combined my celebration with the DH’s and Blinky’s who have August birthdays. Our passes also give us access to White Water and Six Flags properties nationwide.

Like most things with us, this was not actually the plan. After mulling it over, we were interested in spending a day at Six Flags over Georgia. We would have spent over $300 for single day tickets. By a stroke of luck, we went online during their annual flash sale, and scored passes, deluxe dining plan, and unlimited soft drinks for the season, plus 4 free months, for less than $600. Crazy!

Six Flags Over Georgia Review

This is no Walt Disney Resort. Customer service is less than stellar, food service is painfully slow, and the bathrooms are bleh! However, there is a good variety of rides for families and thrill seekers, and character interactions are super cute. My favorite was the Looney Tunes Dance Party. We spent a full day, in 91 degree no less, and {mostly} enjoyed our time.

White Water Review

Overall, this was a much better experience. It’s possible food service was even slower here, and the bathroom were horrendous (out of toilet paper and overflowing), but the staff was much more personable which enabled us to overlook a few things.

The rides are fantastic! I especially enjoyed the family rides like Bahama Bob Slide, Tornado, and Wahoo Racer.

Stinky – who does not have an ounce of fear – did the Dive Bomber which is a vertical slide. As we had a little over an hour to take in everyone’s reaction at the bottom, it’s definitely for adrenaline junkies only.

At both parks, the food is average but good value for what we paid. We were so thankful for unlimited drinks in the heat. Money well spent!

Both parks feature Flash Pass, which is a paid service to skip the lines. It is rather expensive, even with the flash sale, so we opted not to purchase it. Even on the holiday weekend, we were only in line for an unreasonably long time for Bahama Bob Slide. We didn’t realize the ride was out of order and being serviced the first 45 minutes in line. However, once it was back in commission, the line moved along at a reasonable pace.

As the parks are a mere three hours away, I anticipate we’ll make the trip several times to take full advantage of the passes. Next up is Fright Fest! More to come.

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