MSC Seaside Naming Ceremony – Day 1

Last week, the DH and I had the privilege of spending two nights on board the MSC Seaside for its Naming Ceremony and inaugural cruise. Fun!! We flew in the day before and spent a little time in South Beach, Miami.

The vibe in South Beach is very sensual. The Art Deco buildings are very chic. The outfits are glam. And the swimsuits are barely there.

We walked along the beach, did a little souvenir shopping, then headed to the Lincoln Road Shopping District for dinner. Yum! {So proud of myself for remembering to photograph the food!}

After a seafood feast, we headed back to the hotel. Shortly thereafter, my Mom called in a panic. She forgot she set the alarm, and when she tried to let the dog out, tripped it. In a panic, she forgot the code. In minutes, the local police department along with several neighbors came to her aid. One neighbor was nice enough to stay behind and worked with the DH to reset the code. Never a dull moment!

The excitement eventually died down and we were able to tell Stinky, Blinky, and Grammy goodnight. Now if you’ll excuse me, I just remembered we need to change the alarm code.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for my Day 2 recap!

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