New York City August 2010

As I watched the 9/11 coverage on the news yesterday, it reminded me of a weekend trip the DH and I took to New York City in 2010; our first couple’s trip since the kids were born. We’d both visited separately in our teens, but it was a refreshing perspective to see the Big Apple through grown up eyes.

We arrived on a Friday and spent the day exploring on foot. NYC is a very walkable city, as long as you don’t mind the crowds. I don’t remember where we stopped for dinner, but there wasn’t a kids menu in sight!

On Saturday we took a city tour and saw everything on our list including:

  • Wall Street and the NYSE
  • Times Square
  • John Lenon’s NYC Apartment and Strawberry Fields in Central Park
  • The Apple Store
  • Trinity Church
  • Rockerfeller Plaza
  • The Flat Iron Building
  • The Empire State Building
  • Broadway

Our tour also included a cruise which took us around:

  • The BMW Bridges (Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Williamsburg)
  • New Skyline
  • Ellis Island
  • Liberty Island

Once we were back on land, the tour concluded with a visit to the One Trade Center site, which was still under construction. We went to an upper level of a nearby building to get the best view. It was quite an emotional moment. Not sure why I don’t have any pictures of this. I think it was out of respect for the location. Now that the site is complete, the DH and I would like to visit again, this time with the kids in tow.

Saturday night we hit the town in our Sunday best for a lovely dinner followed by a Broadway show. The DH thinks that night we saw Beauty and the Beast, I remember seeing Phantom of the Opera. One day I will search our souvenir box for the playbill and settle this argument once and for all. LOL!

On Sunday morning, we had a few hours to spare before our flight home. We strolled over to visit the New York Public Library. It was a thrill to finally meet Patience and Fortitude at the front steps. And yes, I am wearing the same clothes as the previous day although I forget the reason why.

I see why Carrie Bradshaw wanted to hold her wedding here. The architecture is absolutely stunning!!!

As I love love love the architecture of grand train terminals, we raced over to Grand Central Station, taking in the majesty of the Chrysler Building along the way.

Our final stop before a mad dash to the airport was to have our picture taken in front of Robert Indiana’s LOVE icon. Sadly, the person who was nice enough to take our photo, completely cut off the top portion of the sculpture. Ugh! Yet another reason to go back!

I’ve been to New York city several times and always enjoy the spirit and diversity there. If there’s any one city that is truly representative of the world at large, I think it would be New York City. While watching the somber news reports yesterday, it was uplifting seeing how resilient New Yorkers are and how they come together in times of need. May we all be more like them.

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