Mixing Business and Pleasure in Baton Rouge and New Orleans

Since my mom is still visiting and a great babysitter, the DH invited me along to a SQL Saturday event in Baton Rouge last weekend where he was a guest speaker. Since we rarely get to do anything just the two of us, this was a fantastic opportunity for some quality couple time. Well, at the last minute I came down with a horrible cold and very nearly didn’t go. Considering it will likely be another year before we have another weekend alone, I packed up a box of cold/sinus medicine and hit the road.

We arrived just in time for the Speaker Dinner Friday night at Varsity Theatre. I loved the art deco style. I had hoped to find more info on the history of the building, but so far no luck.

The menu was typical Cajun fare consisting of fried oysters, gumbo and jambalaya. Yes, please!! Anything Cajun is a hit with me, but combined with the fact that it was probably the only food that had any taste in my condition, I fully enjoyed it! (I forgot to take pics of the food. I so need to work on that!!)

On Saturday, the DH prepared for his presentation. I tried to rest as much as possible as we had plans to have dinner and a movie later that night. By late afternoon, laying in bed surrounded by used tissues, I knew those plans would change. Instead we curled up, but not too closely, binge watching Blindspot on Hulu.

Sunday morning I felt marginally better. We did a little shopping and headed to New Orleans for lunch. I’ve written about New Orleans previously, detailing how much we enjoy the Crescent City. The warmth and diversity of the people remind me of home. And while cooking styles couldn’t be more different, I grew up on shellfish and took to Cajun cuisine like a glove.

We walked the main thoroughfare ending up at the French Market where we stopped for lunch. I ordered a shrimp boil that was so spicy, any residual sinus issues were instantly cleared, no kidding! The DH had jambalaya, one of his favorites. While eating, we saw several street performers which is always enjoyable.

Feeling a lot better, and worried about how Grandma was managing with the kids missing Stinky and Blinky, we started the long drive home. It wasn’t the weekend we planned but I wouldn’t have spent it with anyone else!

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