Paris Hilton Opera

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now, but have been seriously lacking in motivation. It has been raining for five straight days. FIVE!!!!! I’m desperately craving sunshine and blue skies!

But anyway, I wanted to highlight one of the hotels on our Europe 2017 tour… The Hilton Paris Opera.

Can you guess why it was my favorite? (The above photos and the map below are from the hotel’s website. While we were there there was massive construction nearby. Also, the Grand Salon and lobby were always packed making decent picture taking next to impossible.)

I loved the look and feel of the hotel but it was the service that sold me. Don’t get me wrong, the Marriott in Gent and the Hampton Inn in London were great, but the Hilton Paris Opera differs in every way imaginable; price point, luxury, and attention to detail. A comparison is simply unfair.

From the onset, the location is superb. The metro station is literally next door and we were in walking distance of many major attractions.

On arrival, a traditional bell hop service was there to greet us. They were polite, friendly and efficient. We didn’t actually get to see our room until much later that night (like midnight!), but we were in for a pleasant surprise.

We were required to book an Executive Suite because there would be four of us in one room, but I didn’t mind the extra space. (There are stringent rules regarding three or more people in all of the European hotels we researched prior to our trip.)

The Hilton Paris Opera serves a delectable, complimentary breakfast each morning. Think delicious French pastries, chocolate, and fresh fruit. The kids and I slept in and enjoyed breakfast in the room, but the DH and my MIL enjoyed everything that was offered in the dining room.

When we were finally ready to head out for the day, we made a quick detour to the  Executive Lounge where we gorged ourselves on snacks, candy, and drinks. #priorities

We returned later in the afternoon to collect our bags en route to London. Three of the bellhops presented the kids with stuffed toy souvenirs, which I thought was such a sweet touch. The kids were extremely pleased.

If you’re ever in Paris and don’t mind spending a little more to be in the heart of the city, I promise you won’t be disappointed with The Hilton Paris Opera.

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