Spring Break 2017

The kids were on Spring Break last week, so we headed to Destin, FL, for a few days of rest and relaxation. Most of our time was spent at the indoor pool watching the kids frolic in the water. Here are Stinky and Blinky water wrestling.

We did venture over to the beach to build sandcastles and wave hop, but as the water was still chilly in March, that didn’t last too long. Same for the outdoor pool. Brrrrrrr!!!!!!

The day before we left, we stumbled upon The Boardwalk. It’s a cultural hub of dining, shopping, and entertainment dockside, with fisherman and and yacht repairs scattered throughout. We took in the sights, people watched, and snacked on funnel cakes and volcano nachos (picture every topping ever!!). Perhaps the most memorable experience was watching the kids watch a fisherman clean and fillet fish and be wholly enamored by it. Reminded me of going to dockside markets with my parents when I was little.

On the drive home, we couldn’t decide what to eat. Think too many options, two determined youngsters, and two adults with a hankering for seafood. Before we knew it, we were outside the city limits and hours away from the next city with decent lunch options. It was completely serendipitous that we spotted a hole in the wall called The Bay on Santa Rosa Beach. One sharp right later, we were seated outside with the most scenic view.

(From my observations, it seemed like The Bay was a former residence. Situated on a corner lot, right on the beach, it has the rest of the neighborhood on one side and the highway on the other. Multiple additions later, it is a decent-quality restaurant / outdoor venue.)

After lunch we played in the sand and took in the sights. It was a lovely ending to a wonderful trip!

The kids should have returned to school today, but severe weather has extended their vacation by one more day. So we lounging on the sofa watching tv and doing our best not to be too productive.

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