Why Travel Is So Important To Us

Right before we left for Memphis this past weekend, an acquaintance asked, “Where are y’all off to this weekend?” Of course I gave her the short answer, but it reminded me of a promise the DH and I made to each other when we decided to start a family.

I’ve written before about the challenges of being an immigrant, interracial couple here in southeast Alabama. To be fair, we live a comfortable lifestyle and have a handful of people we actually call friends. But by no means are we the typical suburban family who travel in groups and our kids are each others best friends. What we are is a family that wants our children to have a strong sense of identity, a love for both cultures and backgrounds, and a deep understanding that they are not inferior to anyone because they have a black mother and immigrant parents. Simple, right?

To this end, the DH and I promised to make travel a priority for our little family so that Stinky and Blinky will understand our small town is not indicative of America or even the world. We want them to see other families like ours who are thriving and know they are not alone. It is important to us that they are proud of themselves for who they are and where they came from and travel is a vehicle we use to help install these values in them.

So check back later this week when I’ll detail our extended weekend in Memphis. There was lots of music, BBQ, and even a little bit of Elvis.

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