Joy B.

When your Disney Vacation has even dad feeling the magic, you know you picked the perfect travel planner. Ebony was extremely helpful and considered even the smallest details to make this vacation easier for a family with 4 small children. She placed us close to the transportation sites for every park and answered ALL of my many questions. I will never plan another trip without her. She is amazing.

Erica K.

Our trip {Cancun} was amazing and so dreamy! You outdid yourself with all of the planning and organization! We were able to sit back and relax with comfort knowing you had handled everything. Thank you for all you did for us, we will definitely be recommending you to all of our family and friends and we will be using your services again for our future vacations!

Dave C.

Ebony did a terrific job of prepping us with all the information we needed (and didn’t know we needed!) to maximize our fun at Universal Studios. Her expertise and advice was invaluable and we would not travel anywhere in the world without consulting with her first.

Jillian C.

We had a magical time at Hogwart’s and the rest of Universal Studios this week! Thank you, Ebony for all your insider tips & tricks!

Bennie J.

Sweet Ebony! It {Portland} was a great trip!…Thank you again my dear friend.

Bryant S.

{Universal Orlando} Absolutely the best! Ebony was great to work with from start to finish. Will be using her services again without a doubt!

Emily J.

We had a wonderful trip {Disney}, and it is all thanks to you! We truly appreciate all of the planning, thoughtfulness, and time that you put into making our vacation truly magical!…We cannot wait to plan our next trip with you! Thanks again for all you have done!!

Candy S.

{Cross-country trip} A much needed family vacation. I was worried about traveling together for two weeks, but Ebony had everything perfected and everything was easy from renting a car in one state and returning in another, to presenting her prepaid vouchers at each resort. I was aware of every single detail from resort parking to incidental “extras.” Well planned and smoothly implemented. Smith Family Vacation 2021 was a success. Thank you Ebony!!

Bronda D.

Thankful for the best travel agency who made our trip to UNICO amazing!! From booking the trip, making sure our room had the best ocean view, all the necessary paperwork for traveling during this COVID pandemic – you name it! From A to Z it was handled!!

Dawn B.

We made some of the most wonderful memories and didn’t have to worry or stress bc Ebony handled everything from finding us the most perfect location to making sure we landed and were back home safe and sound and everything in between! All I had to do is call or message her and she was there no matter what. She is amazing at what she does and her company is lucky to have her!! And I’m lucky to have came across your path! We are so grateful for you ❤️ We are lucky to have you as a friend! Thank you again ❤️❤️❤️ Love from the Broderways and Stevenson group!! #ebonyisthebest#ebonyhasyoufromstarttofinishandthensome

Denise S.

Ebony was the best I’ve ever worked with! Answered emails & texts quickly. Made sure we had everything we needed for our international trip. Contacted us to make sure we arrived, as well as, got home safe and sound. Highly recommend her for all your travel needs near or far!!

Josie S.

Ebony is the best! She booked us a week long trip to Disney World and Universal for my mom’s birthday. We had the best time because Ebony organized everything so well. We ate like king and queens with the dining reservations she booked, and our hotels were phenomenal. I highly recommend her and will be using her for our future vacations!

Shari A.

What a FUN Girls Trip! Many thanks to our friends at Family Travel Adventures LLC for holding our hand in planning the perfect last-minute Disney weekend. I wanted to do something extra special for my Goddaughter, Amira so we invited our dear friends, Melissa and Peyton and then naturally gravitated to the Disney & travel extraordinaire, Ebony. The park was only at 30% capacity. Wow! Sooooo loved this! Ebony helped by giving incredible advice on shuttles, mask mandates, how to pack park items and how to preplan for food orders. She was just as amazing as anyone connected to Mickey should be and we couldn’t be happier! Even though it was super cold…we STILL experienced a MAGICAL time and appreciate Ebony soooooo much for all her calls and texts. We will use her again soon as her customer service surpassed my expectations.

Elizabeth H.

We had the best trip! Thank you Ebony for planning and making sure we had a everything reserved and scheduled for our trip. The tips and advice were priceless! We saw first hand how having a plan made a huge difference, and there is no way I could have organized all that myself. She even secured a last minute droid building experience that was one of our highlights. The Hitchcocks did Disney to the max!!

Matt J.

I highly recommend family travel adventures for your next vacation. Ebony helped us with our trip to Disney World from start to finish. She stayed in contact with us through the whole process. Looking forward to working with her in the future!