Mardi Gras at Universal Studios Florida

Mardi Gras may have officially ended a month ago, but the party is still going strong at Universal Studios Florida! From culinary journeys to spectacular floats, Mardi Gras has been reimagined into fun for the entire family! The event has been so popular, it is now extended through April 11.

The Tribute Store has previously been reserved for specially-ticketed events. But for now, it is included with your regular park admission. It is a Mardi Gras theme of course, featuring:

  • A hopping jazz parlor straight out of the 1920s with dueling pianos and bellowing brass.
  • A flower-filled nautical cemetery, where many sea captains were laid to rest.
  • A waterfront warehouse, where all manner of smuggled treasures and trinkets are stashed.
  • A firefly-lit swamp, where the remains of famed pirate Jean Lafitte’s long-lost ship “The Pride” lie.

The Tribute Store also offers exclusive in-park merchandise, and specialty treats.

And forget the old beating heart gummies of yore, this year the Tribute Store presents talking skulls!

Perhaps our favorite activity was the Flavors of Carnival! For $55 you purchase a lanyard with 10 entitlements (annual passholders get 15) to sample the the flavors of 13 countries. Hands down our favorite was paella from Spain. Honorable mentions were jerk chicken from The Bahamas (naturally), and gumbo from the USA. Mini me would like to add that the cannolis from Italy were pretty good too!

The DH and I shared one lanyard over two days, and it was more than enough for the two of us. We tended to opt for the higher valued items, that had larger portion sizes. I highly recommend!

Also available is the Krewe Crawl – a scavenger hunt that celebrates the heritage of Mardi Gras with decorations in stores around Universal Studios Florida. You know I love a good scavenger hunt, and had every intention of doing so, but ran out of time. Womp! Looked like so much fun!

There were also special characters – in addition to the regular ones – to greet guests.

Things to Know

  • Mardi Gras is only being celebrated throughout Universal Studios Florida, not Islands of Adventure.
  • It is very family friendly.
  • We came home with way too many beads that we have no idea what to do with!

You can see so many more pictures and videos in my Instagram highlights. If you have questions, please feel free to leave a comment, or email me, and I’ll be sure to answer them.

If you’re ready for a visit of your own, I would be honored to be your travel advisor.

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