Dollywood Splash Country

Next door to Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort, is Dollywood Splash Country. It is a 35-acre mountain oasis perfect for cooling down in the heat of summer. As guests of the resort, our park privileges included:

i. COVID pre-screening at the resort

ii. Tram to the park’s entrance

v. Early Saturday entry

iv. Complimentary package delivery

Once inside the park, we were able to take off our masks. Just like at the resort, chairs were properly spaced, sanitized and tagged clean for guest use. Other precautions included capping capacity at 50% and disinfecting high-touch areas more frequently. Sanitizer stations were aplenty.

We set up home base before checking out a few of the thrill rides. Interestingly, the park utilizes the lay of the land, with many of the rides mimicking the natural rapids Dolly and her siblings played in near her childhood home.

Wave Pool + Lazy River = Adult Relaxation Time. Never fails!

For younger kids there is Little Creek Falls. I particularly enjoyed looking at the butterfly shade structures and am wondering how I can incorporate one in my backyard. Hmm…

Lunch consisted of delicious rice bowls, pulled pork sandwiches, and chicken fingers. We were impressed with the quality and variety of options, and wait times were minimal. Masks are required in line to order. Sadly I didn’t get pictures of lunch as the phones were safely tucked away in the locker.

After River Rush, we circled back with camera (and desserts) in tow, for a family picture.

We felt perfectly safe during our stay and would absolutely go back again before the season ends. Everyone was cooperative and following the rules. And the Hosts did a fantastic job ensuring surfaces were clean and sanitized.

My final post in this series will recap our adventure at Dollywood. It involves eagles, a festival, and a wasp sting. Ouch!

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