Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando Resort

We made it to Spring Break! {All the praise hands!} I feel this is as much an accomplishment for the parents as well as the kids. So to celebrate, we packed the car and headed south to Universal Orlando. Have you heard the one about the travel agent who takes her work everywhere? The Resort… Continue reading Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando Resort

Disney World Vacation Countdown

I am seriously digging our new Disney World Vacation Countdown and am sharing step-by-step instructions so you can make your own. It couldn't be more simple! Materials Character digits download courtesy of DisneyCardstock PaperScissorsFoam BoardFramePaint and paintbrushTacks or nails or hooks for hanging Steps Print your character digits on quality card stock paper.Cut neatly.Cut your… Continue reading Disney World Vacation Countdown

My Top 5 US Destinations for 2021

If you're reeling from COVID fatigue, desperate for a road trip of epic proportions, then today's post is for you. I'm focusing on active, family-friendly destinations in the Continental USA. So grab your favorite cup of joe and let's begin exploring! 5. Breckenridge, CO It's no surprise that I'm receiving a lot more requests for… Continue reading My Top 5 US Destinations for 2021

Christmas at Beaches Turks and Caicos

There are so many things we planned for that should have happened in 2020. And then there were a few doors that opened that we never saw coming. A prime example was the invitation to attend the reopening of Beaches Turks & Caicos over the Christmas holidays. When my Mom reluctantly cancelled our family Christmas… Continue reading Christmas at Beaches Turks and Caicos

Post COVID Travel Bucket List

Some people Zillow dream homes. Others have oodles of Pinterest boards detailing the perfect kitchen. I prefer editing my bucket list destinations. It's something I've always enjoyed. But this year, I've really upped my game. 😉 So which countries made the cut on my Post COVID Travel Bucket List? India Taj Mahal, India I have… Continue reading Post COVID Travel Bucket List